Frozen Pasteurized Egg Yolk - 5kg / 6kg / 10kg
Egg yolk obtained from fresh chicken egg after peel removal and clear, filtered, pasteurized and cooled separation. Homogeneous yellow liquid characteristic and slightly viscous.
Top Applications
Pasta, cakes, pies, quindins, toppings, panettone, salad dressings, ice cream, among others. Functionality: Taste, texture, emulsification, crystallization control, nutritional contribution.
5kg Polyethylene Bag - Box with 4 Units - box code: 17898264130577
6kg Polyethylene Bag - Box with 3 Units - box code: 17898264130669
10kg Polyethylene Bag - Box with 2 Units - box code: 17898264130751
5kg - Equals 275 gemstones - Bar Code: 7898264130570
6kg - This is equivalent to 330 gems - Bar Code: 7898264130662
10kg - This is equivalent to 550 gems - Bar Code: 7898264130754
Storage, recommendations for use and validity:
Keep frozen at temperature max. -18ºC in a clean place. Once opened, keep refrigerated and consume within 24h.
Validity of frozen product:
720 days.
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