Frozen Pasteurized Egg White - 5kg / 6kg / 10kg
Egg white obtained from fresh chicken egg, after peel removal and yolk separation, filtered, pasteurized and cooled. Characteristic yellow colored liquid.
Main Applications:
Pastas, cakes, pies, sighs, meringues, breadings, beverage clarifier, sports supplement and pregnant women. Functionality: Foaming, light and aerated texture, swelling, alloying action, nutritional contribution.
5kg Polyethylene Bag - Box with 4 Units - box code: 17898264130584
6kg Polyethylene Bag - Box with 3 Units - box code: 17898264130652
10kg Polyethylene Bag - Box with 2 Units - box code: 17898264130744
5kg - Equals 150 whites - Bar Code: 7898264130587
6kg - Equals 180 whites - bar code: 7898264130655
10kg - Equals 300 whites - bar code: 7898264130747
Storage, recommendations for use and validity:
Keep frozen at temperature max. -18ºC in a clean place. Once opened, keep refrigerated and consume within 24h.
Validity of frozen product:
720 days.
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