18/05/2019 - APAS Show - SP
This year, Netto Alimentos presented at the main Latin American trade fair, APAS, great news and unpublished products in the national market.
The most anticipated launch of the year was the cage free and redneck omelet line, in a 200ml Tetra Pak box.
Another launch that rocked the booth was the Boiled Chicken Egg Cooked without shell signed and approved by the fitness muse Gracyanne Barbosa. The differential of this product, besides the quality is the practicality of its 200g version ready for consumption. Just open and eat.
VIPs were present at our booth, personalities such as Richard Rasmussen, presented as ambassador for cage-free products and renowned chef Guga Rocha who prepared his recipes with the special touch of our products. Unanimous among those present, it was the recipes prepared with our mayonnaise mixture, which enables practicality and versatility in the preparation of various dishes.
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