05/10/2017 - Egg Week - Pirassununga - SP
This year, the 8th day of USP Pirassununga's egg took place on the Fernando Costa campus. The event is promoted by the Department of Nutrition and Animal Production of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the University of São Paulo and has been supported by the Paulista Poultry Association since its first edition. Professors Cristiane Soares da Silva Araújo, Ricardo de Albuquerque and Lúcio Francelino Araújo are coordinators of the event and the Piraves group also collaborates in its organization. During the event, high quality omelettes and lectures were tasted for the audience, which was attended by students, health professionals, producers, health professionals and people from the community. The company Netto Alimentos collaborated with the egg break providing liquid eggs. The APA traditionally supports Egg Week celebrations and uses materials from the Brazil Eggs Institute in its disclosures.
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